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Cover Photo - Matt Skinner

Caption: Portage Sunset Over Lupine Field 

January - Matt Skinner

Caption: Aurora Beautiful Blend: The displays this night were beautiful yet subtle.

August - Matt Skinner

Caption: Sunset Portage: Lupine, one of the awesome benefits of Alaskan summers

Bio: My name is Matt Skinner. I have called Alaska “home” for over 8 years. My biggest passion in photography is shooting landscapes, although I love to experiment and practice in other genres as well. Alaska provides great opportunities to hone my skills and to become a better photographer through it’s unique landscape, wildlife, and night sky phenomena such as the Aurora Borealis. I remember seeing the Aurora for the first time in 2009; back then it was exciting but I had no idea what I was doing behind the camera. Now, because of the necessity of knowing my settings when shooting the Northern Lights, it has forced me to become a better photographer. Since I have taken a serious interest, I've had the honor of being published in online publications, multiple print magazines and USA Today newspaper. I attribute my successes to my passion and persistence for the art of photography.

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February - Carrie Olier

Caption: Beautiful Mt Drum standing tall against the cloudless blue sky. Taken just outside of Glennallen.

July - Carrie Olier

Caption: Lion Head Mt. in the distance, also a great spot to view the Matanuska Glacier.

Bio: I have been a photographer for 11 years. I am an Army wife and mother who loves to travel and I strive to show the beauty that I see in the world through my photos. 


March - Brant Dallas

Caption: Iditarod was routed through Nenana making for a unique scene with the Nenana Ice Classic Tripod and Railroad Bridge in the background.

Bio: My wife Becky and I consider us to be counted among the few fortunate Americans that call Alaska home.  I love sharing the beauty of this breathtaking state with family, friends, and social media followers through the lens of my camera.  Due to my unique circumstances I get to spend more than just a few days in some very remote parts of the state.  This allows me to capture Alaska at her best. 

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April - Angie Middleton

Caption: Pioneer Peak Farm

Bio: Angie Middleton of Arctic Wonders Photography is a 40-year Alaska resident whose interests include travel, the outdoors, and road trips. Her images focus predominately on exploring Alaska's natural canvas through the eyes of her lens.  


May - Brittney Robles

Caption: Yoga Bear

Bio: My name is Brittney Robles. I am married and a stay at home of three, living life in Alaska. The army moved us up here in July, 2014, and I quickly discovered why family & friends told me Alaska was magical. When I'm not busy volunteering for my husband's unit and raising the Robles crew, my passion is landscape photography. I love photographing Alaska, living here makes living out my passion very easy.


June - Tami Biorn

Caption: Matanuska summer sunrise & fireweed

Bio: My husband, our children, and I moved to Alaska from Montana in 2014, and instantly fell in love with this big beautiful state. I have always enjoyed photography, but didn't start to truly explore my passion for it until 2015. With the abundant beauty and wildlife that surrounds us, I never leave home without my camera and I love getting outdoors and experiencing what this majestic state has to offer. My roots are Montana, but my home and heart are in Alaska.


September - Daryll Vispo

Caption: The Aurora Seen From Big Lake, Alaska

Bio: Daryll Vispo is a nature and landscape photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. He served in the United States Air Force. Growing up in the tropical islands, Daryll was immensely thrilled with the vast new opportunity of the Arctic. His heart was captured by the wild untouched scenery of Alaska, causing him to expand his expertise and love for photography.


October - Julie Northrop

Caption: Fall Colors Along the Glenn Highway

November - Julie Northrop

Caption: Wintery Sunrise Over the Chugach Mountains

Bio: Growing up surrounded by the magnificence of Alaska, Julie Northrop developed a love for capturing the immense beauty around her at a young age. She shared her passion for photography and nature with her late father and always has him in her heart as she dedicates her life to the craft. Her husband, daughter, and son often provide a whimsical touch that can be felt in her pictures. After spending two decades in Arizona, she is ecstatic to be back home to photograph the breath-taking scenery and wildlife that her home state is so famous for. 

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December - Ed Boudreau

Caption: Sunset of Chugach Mountains on Turnagain Arm, just outside of Girdwood.

Bio: I am a landscape and nature photographer currently living in Eagle River, Alaska. After spending 28 years focusing on the defense of my country, my minds eye had always been focused on her beauty. After retirement in 2010 my lovely wife bought me my first DSLR and pushed me out to the great outdoors and I'm having a blast running amuck throughout Alaska, trying to stay one step ahead of the bears. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed bearing the elements to capture what moved me.

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