Defects - 2018 Alaska Calendar

These 2018 Alaska Calendars may have small imperfections which could include, small scratches, small printing defects and/or small bent corners.

We currently have about 380, 174, 132 of these calendars available and they will go fast! (In Stock Count, Updated 1/23/19)

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  • Scratches are usually on the cover of the calendars.
  • Small printing defects are usually areas that have bleached spots or where the ink coverage was too thin and caused it to dry differently. Most people would not notice these printing defects.
  • Some calendars will have bent corners or a slightly bent seams.

These calendars will not be shrink wrapped and will come in a plastic shipping envelope or box depending on how many you order.

We would love to get these calendars in your hands rather than having them recycled. They can still be used and some of the inner pages of the calendar may not be affected.

Just pay our cost and the shipping fee. Our cost includes, making the calendar, materials for shipping, fees for processing the order and the actually shipping cost.

Flat Shipping Fee of $3.50 on the first calendar is required, then $0.50 each additional-this is because of the USPS increase in shipping rates for 2018.

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The support we have received so far has been incredible and many of you who gave us awesome reviews like this one: 

Alaska 2018 Calendar Review

The Alaska 2018 Calendar Features 13 High Quality Pictures Taken By Photographers Living In Alaska.

Improvements to our 2018 calendar:

  • Bigger date boxes, allows more room to write
  • Bigger date numbers, easier to read
  • Added additional holidays
  • Added moon phases
  • Bigger "before & after" snapshot on each month, no flipping back and forth between months.
  • Start of Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

The calendar will be 9x12 inches and can hang on your wall. The calendar opened up will be 12 by 18 inches and comes with a pin hole for easy hanging.

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*Want us to ship the calendar to someone else? Just place a separate order with their name and address as the shipping address, and put your name and address as the billing!

*These cannot be shipped outside of the USA. If you order outside of the USA we will cancel and refund your order.

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