2024 Desk Calendar Photographers

Thank you for supporting our small business and ordering one of our Alaska Desk Calendars.

Our desk calendars are so small we are limited to the space we have. We are not able to print an “About The Photographer” page for the desk calendar, similar to how we do with our larger and more popular Alaska wall calendars.

This page is where you can learn about the photographers within our 2024 Desk Calendar.

Amy Bragg (Amy Bragg Photography)

I’m a kindergarten teacher and lifelong Alaskan who loves to take pictures of family, wildlife and scenic Alaska.  I never leave my house without my camera because you never know what you are going to see living in the gorgeous 49th State.  

Ed Boudreau (Ed Boudreau Photography)

I am a landscape and nature photographer currently living in Eagle River, Alaska. After spending 29 years focusing on the defense of my country, my mind’s eye had always been focused on her beauty. After retirement in 2010, my lovely wife bought me my first DSLR and pushed me out to the great outdoors. I’m having a blast running amuck throughout Alaska, trying to stay one step ahead of the bears. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed bearing the elements to capture what moved me.

Julie Northrop

I grew up surrounded by the magnificence of Alaska and developed a love for capturing the immense beauty through photography at a young age – a gift from my beloved father. I just love to get out and take photos of just about anything – wildlife, nature, planes, historic relics and sometimes even people. Sharing the beauty of Alaska with others – that’s a true blessing.

Douglas Scholberg

Douglas Scholberg, I am a photographer based out of Wasilla, Ak I focus on wildlife, landscapes, and sports photography. I enjoy everything about the outdoors, and spending time with my beautiful wife Theresa and are three daughters.

Sebastian Saarloos

Sebastian Saarloos is a lifelong Alaskan who has been taking digital photographs since 1993. He is a professional photographer working for the US Army and enjoys capturing landscape, wildlife and aurora photographs in his spare time. He also enjoys volunteering at his church and with the local soccer association.

Allan Long

Allan is a resident of Fairbanks, Alaska. He is a retired Army officer who enjoys photographing the wildlife and landscapes of The Last Frontier.

Ben Traylor (Traylor Photography)

Ben Traylor is a hobbyist photographer that lives in South Anchorage, Alaska. Originally from Texas, he has lived in Alaska for almost 40 years. Some of Ben’s favorite photo subjects are the northern lights and shooting landscapes. When he isn’t shooting the amazing sights of Alaska, he is spending time with his wife, Tracy, and their 3 kids, and 4 dogs.

Brent Reynolds

I picked up photography after serving in the Coast Guard – photographing friends and family along with landscapes simply because I enjoyed it. Photography quickly evolved from a hobby into a passion and today I feel most in my element shooting landscapes and wildlife. I love adventure and traveling the road less traveled; that’s why I love living and photographing in Alaska. On any given day you can find me on the trails with my wife, daughter, and faithful furry friend in search of my next inspiration. 

Colter Broadwell

I am Colter, an Alaskan-based photographer and nature enthusiast, capturing the untamed beauty of Alaska through my lens while embracing a life of adventure, love, and creativity. With my two dogs, three cats, and my loving fiancé by my side, I find joy in gardening, hiking, camping, and living life to the fullest.