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The Alaska Frontier has acquired

The Alaska Frontier has acquired was a website that promoted cabin rentals in the area as well as the Exit Glacier Salmon Bake restaurant. If you have been to Seward you may have eaten at this restaurant as they are known for their good food and their seafood.

The cabins promoted were available near Exit Glacier. Exit Glacier is the only glacier in Alaska where you can walk right up to the glacier. You will park in their parking lot and walk down a short path, before coming up to the glacier. You can spend time exploring, taking pictures and going on a short hike.


Our plan is to offer the same great information and to expand on the topic of Seward Alaska.

We at The Alaska Frontier get questions about where to stay when traveling to Alaska. Our Facebook Group has 175k members and some of the most asked questions are what to do and where to stay.

With this information we can give our audience exactly what they are looking for… where to stay in Seward and what they should do while visiting.

If you haven’t been to Alaska yet, you will learn that Seward is a must visit destination. Seward is a tourist hot spot and a major cruise port.

Your cruise may end in Seward, allowing you time to explore the area before boarding a bus or the train back to Anchorage for a flight home.

Others will fly into Anchorage and then take a trip down to Seward and spend a few days exploring, visiting the Fjords, viewing wildlife, hiking/camping before heading back to Anchorage or to their next destination in Alaska.

Looking For The Exit Glacier Salmon Bake Restaurant?

If you are looking for The Salmon Bake Restaurant near Exit Glacier you can easily find them here.

They are still in business and are usually open for the entire tourist season from May – September of each year. They no longer have a website that they maintain but they do have a website where they can take online or mobile orders.

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