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Anchorage Visitor Information Center

Free Things To Do In Anchorage

Free Things To Do In Anchorage Alaska Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska which means, there is ALOT to do! You can enjoy a fancy dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants, a movie with a friend, play games at Dave n Busters and so much more but what can you do if […]
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Fairbanks Alaska Skyline

17 Day Trips From Fairbanks

17 Day Trips From Fairbanks Fairbanks is a small town in Alaska’s interior that lies at the base of the Tanana Valley. The Chena River runs through the center of town and flows to the Tanana River, the namesake of the valley. This small town is perfectly situated in the center of a ring of […]
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Homer Epic Race

17 Things to Do in Alaska in March

17 Things to Do in Alaska in March March is the last month of winter in Alaska and as the sun comes back, the days get noticeably longer. The temperatures are still cool, but the snow is starting to melt and it feels more like spring every day. Alaskans celebrate the returning sun by enjoying […]
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What Does Alaska Look Like In The Fall

Alaska In The Fall - What To Do And See

Alaska In The Fall - What To Do And See Alaskan summers are intense, action-packed, and short-lived, and the falls are even shorter. When the temperatures start to drop. the leaves change and Alaska erupts with color before the black and white of winter sets in. In Alaska, fall lasts from six to eight weeks, […]
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Alaska Volcano in Sitka

11 Active Alaska Volcanoes

11 Active Alaska Volcanoes Alaska’s Aleutian Archipelago is an island chain spanning over 1550 miles that reaches from mainland Alaska all the way across the Bering Sea to Kamchatka in Russia. The Aleutian Islands are brimming with volcanoes, both active and dormant, and form part of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire. How Many Volcanoes Are […]
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Deer & Dumpling Soup Recipe

Deer and Dumpling Soup Recipe

Deer and Dumpling Soup Recipe Deer can be found in South East Alaska and some southern points of interior Alaska like Kodiak island where they have been transplanted. They are not as commonly hunted as caribou or moose, but they do have some of the best flavors in big game hunting. Until recently, the deer […]
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Alaska Childrens Books To Read

Top 18 Alaska Children's Books

Top 18 Alaska Children's Books Alaska is fascinating to people of all ages and the hunger for stories about the far north is seemingly endless. Snow, mountains, mushing, moose, and the northern lights are all images that come to mind when dreaming of the north. Children love to read stories about Alaska and the animals […]
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Seward Alaska Boats in the Marina

Is Alaska A Good Place to Live

Is Alaska A Good Place To Live? The last frontier or the far north lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. This massive state attracts all sorts of individuals. People move here for adventure, the land, the peacefulness, the isolation, the resources, and more. Alaska is often referenced as a melting pot because of […]
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Fairbanks Alaska on a Map

24 Things To Do In Fairbanks

24 Things To Do In Fairbanks Fairbanks, the Golden Heart City, is the second-largest city in Alaska and lies 365 miles north of Anchorage in the heart of the interior. The town center follows both sides of the Chena River, a small, winding tributary of the larger Tanana River. Lying in the Tanana Valley and […]
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